Application Ideas

The e-learning solution - learning for a lifetime

Most adults will freely admit they remember little from their formal education

This app changes that.


For e-learning:


Random or Sequential playback of GROUPED "Large font text (48point) with

the associated video segments and or pictures. This app runs from a USB

stick or DVD so sharing and copying is easy.


Other search and display / play options makes this a well rounded Learning management system.


Random makes learning and relearning fun.


Most Recent application:


A video store wants to display Movie trailer segments mixed in with

local sports and entertainment along with realestate and for sale ads


The play list is 30 groups of (text video and pictures) which

run 24X7 in the storefront window. Every 5th item is a random selection

from their movie trailer (15 seconds). Every 3rd one is a random sporting

event; in this case local drag races. Included is the display of

the time and less frequently the Day / Month.


The initial 30 is a mixture of Weather forecasts, upcoming events and

cars for sale and realestate ads. The other non marketing events includes

a local street dance, a retardant bomber fighting a fire, local

tourist site segments, horoscopes etc.



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