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finds and describes development projects by location, and tells how to submit comments or ask questions. Names the neighborhood group/s the developer is communicating with.


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    Interesting. We could include QR codes on the "notice of planned land use action" postings, too, to take them to this app.

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    Nicholas Barnard

    Howdy, I voted this up since I actually came to this site to suggest the exact thing.

    This being said at least for Seattle this information is already listed and publicly available:


    Things I'd like to see:

    1. Subscriptions so you'll automatically receive development projects in a given area/given radius.

    2. Put these on a Google Map, so you can find them more easily. (I know I saw one on the UW field across from University Village, but I don't know the address to that. location.)

    3. I love the QR code idea, however be respectful of equal access and provide short URLs as well. (Instructions for getting info via phone call/mail are already on the board.)

    Also, I'm willing to brainstorm and/or provide feedback for this over the weekend, I just can't be there..

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