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Mobile 911

I want to be able to text messages and pictures to 911.


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    I disagreed with the idea, not because it is not a good idea. The implementation of the concept is already done and available and technology patented. The problem space is larger than creating an App. The problem is Carriers (ATT, Verizon, Sprint etc) have not deployed these solutions and the reason is FCC hasn't mandated it yet. Carriers don't make money of it. Another thing, nothing prevents you from texting to 911 right now. The only problem is you won't get help. :)

    As a disclaimer I work for a 911 vendor and have multiple years of experience in this field. Good Luck!

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    Are the networks actually reliable enough for this? My experience is that the time to deliver an SMS or email is highly stochastic - if something's worth calling 911 about in the first place I want to know the message got through by hearing someone acknowledge it.

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